Corbett Elephant Safari Tour

A warm welcome to the Corbett National Park for the long elephant safari tour which is a great way to explore deep forest. Elephant on its back can take you into the deep valleys, dense forests, rainwater drains, and rugged tracks. It’s a royal way to travel. You can also have a similar thrilling experience riding on a Horse Safari or a Jeep Safari but if you are a keen bird watcher, elephant ride is the best option to go for. Mostly elephants are able to go in the areas which are inaccessible by other man-made modes of transport. At Corbett, Lohar Chaur, Rathuadhab, Mundiapani, Halduparao, Kanda and Dhikala are the areas which you should explore on an Elephant Safari. This is the best way to experience the wild life, mystery of the forest in solitude as in other safaris you are generally with friends, family, guides and drivers. On an Elephant Safari, it’s you, your Mahout and the elephant.

Another attraction of Corbett Park is fishing for Mahashir fish in Ramganga waters. This fish could range from half kg to 15 kg. in weight. If you wish you can take photograph with this fish and proudly display your fishing exploits to your friends and family.

Perched high on the Elephant you can look at the wild life from very close quarters without disturbing the wild life. These elephants possess extraordinary wisdom and share a bond of great trust and understanding with the Mahouts making the twosome a perfect example of how man and animal can live in harmony with each other in natural habitats. So go ahead and book your long elephant safari tour

Duration: 6 Nights/7 Day

Day 01: Delhi to Corbett Resort

Start off from Delhi in the morning and reach luxury resort at the Corbett Park. Relax for a while in your cottage, have lunch and thereafter you can go exploring the jungle or indulge in various activities organized by the resort.  You can go for a Nature Walk, Paragliding and River Crossing. Find yourself away from all the stress of the city life, amidst the pristine nature and just let yourself relax in harmony with nature. Later, you can enjoy dancing with fellow tourists and have dinner and retire for the night to look forward to another memorable day in the park.

Day 02: Stay at Lohar Chaur

After having breakfast, start on with Corbett National Park Jeep Safari. Jeep shall pick you up from the resort and you will enter the park through Durgadevi gate. Durgadevi is the point where you will start your long elephant safari tour. It's take you on a leisurely ride through the jungle to Dumanda River. It’s an experience to look at schools of fish in clear white water of the River. You will have lunch at Dumanda and then an Elephant Ride will take you to the Forest Lodge 4 km. away. It has two rooms and tents are pitched very close to the rooms when there are a large number of tourists. Candles and lamps give a serene ambience to the tents. It’s an experience to spend time in these tents away from modern artificial light. Stay in the tents will remind of the time when there was no electricity. You shall rest for the night at Lohar Chaur.

Day 03: Stay at Rathuadhab

Call of Peacock, India’s national bird will wake you up in the morning. Enjoy your tea, inhaling fresh jungle air and listening into the sweet cacophony created by birds, wild animals and rustling of leaves and swaying of trees. Then get set for an Elephant Ride and be greeted by the deer herds that come out grazing in the grasslands. Be ready to have such experiences of which you may not ever think of. Let the elephant unload you and have rest and you too rest for a while. Then you can go on a gypsy safari and again ride the Elephant. During your foray in the jungle, you will come across unbelievable species of birds like Palla’s, Eagle, Lesser Fish Eagle, Mountain Hawk Eagle, Leaser Spotted Eagle, Brown Hawk Owl etc. You had a grilling but a memorable day and you deserve a good rest at Rathuadhab Lodge.

Day 4: Rathuadhab to Halduparao

Fourth day is the most important day of the Elephant Safari. You will proceed towards Sona River; banks of this river are full of Indian herbs. This a very green area and is full of wild life during summer season. You are also taken to another charming Palain River where chances to spot a tiger are increased. You will relish soaking the beauty of very rich flora and fauna of this area. Have lunch at Mundia Pani Rest house, rest for a while and then proceed to Halduparao.

Halduparao is a favorite spot among tourists and they happily spend lot more time at this point. Your Elephant Safari culminates here as you explore this amazing area. You shall rest for the night at Halduparao Lodge.

Day 5: Halduparao to Dhikala

There is lot to explore and look at around Halduparao. Here you come across most unique species of birds such as King Fisher, Mountain Hawk, Black Eagle, Created Sneak Eagle and Gores Headed Fisher Eagle. You will have an elephant ride in the morning and then bid goodbye to this most amazing creature and you shall do rest of the exploration on Gypsy. You will have lunch at Kanda and shall then proceed to Dhikala. You shall come across all kinds of wild life roaming at large on the way. By afternoon tea time you shall reach Dhikala which has large night stay facilities. Some people wrongly consider Dhikala as the actual Corbett Park. Exploration of this area completes your Corbett tour; here you can look at the wild life up and close. Sometimes you might find yourself in the midst of herds of Elephants. You will be scared but you will be thrilled to the core, and off course you will be safe in your vehicle. Later watch a wild life show at Dhikala Forest Lodge and rest for the night.

Day 6: Dhikala to Resort

Have morning tea and get on with a Jeep Safari which will take you in the areas away from the core zone where you were not taken earlier. This area has Corbett’s biggest grassland. Here too, you can look at amazing wild animals and birds. It’s some sight – a panoramic view of the vast grasslands and flocks of birds taking flight. You will have lunch at the lodge and then shall proceed to the Resort. Thereafter, you shall travel along the banks of Kosi River and visit the famous Girija temple before reaching the Resort. Enjoy dance and music in the night and then rest for the night.

Day 7: Return to Delhi

Wake up in the morning and go for a refreshing morning walk at the banks of the Kosi River. Then you can go for a Nature Walk, have breakfast and get organized to leave for Delhi or to your home town. You may bid goodbye to Corbett for now but memories of long elephant safari tour remain with you for life and will prompt you to visit Corbett again and again