Elephant Safari Tour

A warm welcome to the Corbett National Park for the tall elephant safari tour which is an exalted way to find out the light forest in the Corbett national park. Elephant on its back may have you into the light vale, intensive forests, rainwater gully, and rough tracks. It’s a royal path to tour. You may also have a similar horrent experience horsemanship on a Horse Safari or a Jeep Safari but if you are a desirous bird watcher, elephant racing is the best rational choice to go for. Mostly elephants are able to go to the areas which are abstruse by another person-made resource of transportation. At Corbett, Rathuadhab, Lohar Chaur, elephant, Mundiapani, Kanda and Dhikala are the areas which you should find out on an Elephant Safari. This is the optimal path to experience the wildlife, secret of the forest in solitude as in another safari you are normally with friends, house, guides, and drivers. On an Elephant Safari, it’s you, your Mahout and the elephant.

Another affinity of Corbett Park is fishery for Mahathir fish in Ramganga waters. This fish could spectrum by half kg to fifteen kg. In load. If your choice you may have photographs of this fish and proudly presentation your fishery exploits to your friends and family.

Perch high on the Elephant you can shape at the wildlife from very much close residence without nervous the wildlife. These elephants obtain exception wisdom and share a restriction of exalted trust and sightedness with the Mahouts making the twosome a good example of where person and animal can live in adjustment with each another in natural odor. So go ahead and book your tall elephant safari travel.

Long Corbett Elephant Safari Packages
Destination: Wildlife Resort in Corbett National Park | Duration: 6 Nights/7 Day

Day 01:- Delhi to Corbett Resort

Start off from Delhi in the morning and access luxury betake at the Corbett Park. Relax for an as in your cot, keep lunch and afterward, you can go find out the forest or fall in different activities organic by the resort. You may go for a character Walk, Paragliding, and River intersection. Find self away by all the tension of the town life, in the ancient character only let you faint in adjustment with character. Later, you can relish dance with friend tourists and have dinner and retire for the night-time to shape onward to another keepsake day in the park.

Day 02: Stay at Lohar Chaur

After emplacement breakfast, start on with Corbett National Park Jeep Safari. Jeep shall select you up by the betake and you will get in the park through Durgadevi gate in the Corbett national park. Durgadevi is the site where you will start your tall elephant safari travel. It has you on a slow racing through the forest to Dumanda River. It’s practical to watch at schools of fish in clean white water of the River. You will have lunch at Dumanda and then an Elephant racing will have you to the Jungle Lodge four km. away. It has 2 room and tents are pitchy very much close to the room as there is a big count of tourists. Candle and lamps give a silent ambiance to the tents. It’s practical to pass way period in these tents away from modern false lightness. Stay in the tents will remise of the period when there was no electricity. You shall relief for the night at Lohar Chaur.

Day 03: Stay at Rathuadhab

Call of Peacock, India’s national bird will wake up you up in the morning. Relish your tea, respire clean forest air and hearing into the sweet clamor created by birds, jungly animals and the rustling of leaves and swaying of the tree. Then get a group for an Elephant racing and be hail by the deer swarm that comes out pasturing in the grasslands. Be prepared to have such particle of which you cannot rare consider off. Let the elephant unload you and have relief and you too relief for a while. Then you can go on a gypsy safari and next racing the Elephant. During your raid in the forest, you will come across the implausible nation of birds like Palla’s, brevia macular Eagle, Eagle, hill Hawk Eagle, Brown Hawk Owl, brevia macular Eagle, etc. You have a grilling but a keepasake day and you are worth a nice rest at Rathuadhab stay.

Day 4: Rathuadhab to Halduparao

The fourth daytimes are the most grandly daytimes of the Elephant Safari. You will come on upon towards Sona River; banks of this river are all of the Indian herbs. They are very much green area and is all of the wildlife during the heating weather. You are also taken to other charming Palain River where the opportunity to locate a tiger is enhanced. You will taste absorption the beauty of very much rich fauna and flora of this area. Have lunch at Mundia Pani Rest-house, rest for and then come unopen to Halduparao. Halduparao is a favorite location among tourists and this happily live a lot more period at this spot. Your Elephant Safari culminates here as you find out this wonderful area. You shall rest for the night at Halduparao stay.

Halduparao is a beloved location for tourists and they happily live a lot much period at this spot. Your Elephant Safari culminates here as you find out this wonderful area. You shall relief for the night at Halduparao stay.

Day 5: Halduparao to Dhikala

There is a lot to find out and shape at around Halduparao. Here you get in across the most peerless nation of birds such as King Fisher, Black Eagle, hill Hawk, make swindler Eagle and Gores Headed Fisherman Eagle. You will have an elephant racing in the morning and then wipe goodbye to this most wonderful being and you shall do relief of the research on Gypsy. You will have lunch at Kanda and shall then come on upon to Dhikala. You shall get in across all style of wildlife rotary at big on the path. By afternoon tea period you shall access Dhikala which has big night bide materials. Some person in error opines Dhikala as the real Corbett Park. Research of this area finished your Corbett travel; here you can shape at the wildlife up and close. Sometimes you power search yourself in the spacing of swarm of Elephants. You will be fearful but you will be elated to the core, and of course, you will be secure in your carriage. Later clock a wildlife show at Dhikala jungle stay and relief for the night.

Day 6: Dhikala to Resort

Have morning tea and go on the Jeep Safari which will have you in the areas far-out from the origin field where you were not taken sooner. This area has Corbett’s biggest pasture. Here too, you can shape at wonderful wild animals and birds. It’s some look– a panoramic look of the big grasslands and flocks of birds hold the fly. You will have lunch at the stay and then shall come on upon to the betake. Thereafter, you shall tour along the banks of Kosi River and be meeting the popular Girija temple before arriving at the Resort. Enjoy dancing and music in the night and then relief for the night.

Day 7: Return to Delhi

Wake up in the morning and get for a refreshing morning walk at the banks of the Kosi River. Then you may get for a character Walk, having breakfast and go organic to holiday to Delhi or to your home city. You can wipe goodbye to Corbett for now but the memory of tall elephant safari travel stay with you for existence and will prompt you to meeting Corbett next and next.

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