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If you are searching best hotels and rest house in Corbett national park or during a trip to Corbett national park. You are right place here, You can book here best hotels, luxury resorts and rest house in corbett national park and nearby locations at very affordable price. This park is the oldest national park in India, Corbett National Park is stable in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It has produced named since popular hotels in Corbett national park which have a major share in the start of this park. The park has played an important preface in the conservation of the national park whose declining marks have add it to the table or taking a chance species.

Popular Hotels in Corbett National Park

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Jim Corbett Luxury Resorts List

Tourism zones in Jim Corbett National Park For better tourism management and convenience of visitors. Jim Corbett National Park has been divided into five tourism zones each having separate entry gate. Here you can get information about Famous Resorts and Rest House in Jim Corbett National Park

Tourism zone
Dhikala Jhirna Bijrani Sonanadi Domunda
Entry Gate
Dhangari Khara,Kalagarh Amadanda Vatanvasa Durgadevi

Forest Hotels and Luxury in Jim Corbett National Park

Luxury Resorts in Dhikala: It is located at the edge of the broad Patli valley through which the Ramganga flows in a great many channels. Dhikala an awesome always panoramic see of the gulch, with the Kanda top in the soil surface. This site appears all the more grand from the watchtower near Dhikala. The Tourist difficult overlooks Dhikala chaur (one of the largest remaining grasslands of the Park) and Phulai chaur. A drive through the manifold marks through chairs is guerdon with sightings of wild elephants, snorter brocket and numerous grassland bird nation and raptors.

Resorts and Rest houses in Sarapduli: This rest house lies on the Dhangarhi-Dhikala road. It is located downstream of Gaviral on the flat southern bank of the Ramganga as long as the against northern bank growth steeply to a braid. Movement of large mammals (tiger, elephant included) is neck and crop high at Sarapduli. It is also a good place to see gong and also good for the birds-eye view.

Rest Houses in Sultan: It is named after the Sultan Sot, the topical tide hop care of that area. It typifies a compact bush area and is vested in one of the best strain in the Park.

Rest Houses in Gairal: It lies on the banks of the Ramganga near the place where it first gets in the Park. Gairal the Ramganga outline a clear-cut moral than it does at places downstream. It is a fast-flowing hill river flowing through beautiful zones. Being out of the way, Gairal presents an ideal case for sight wildlife and birds in stillness.

Rest Houses in Khinnanauli: Vested in the central of Khinnanauli chaur, this rest house is a fine tiger landholding. It is one of the latest forge relief houses of Corbett. Its martial place confers an easy stampeded to varied parts of the Park.

Luxury Resorts in Kanda: Kanda gag in the northern part of the Park neighbors the Himalayas. It is the supreme rest house in the Park at about 1200 m. due to its rise; one can go away a bird's-eye view of the Park and the Ramganga canyon under. As long as major of Corbett has a Shiwalik type of vegetation and topography, the zone at Kanda show symptoms that is Himalayan. The fauna also is typically Himalayan, with mammals like goral, Himalayan black bear and leotard eventful here. Albeit the road to Kanda is impassible and vaxed the halo are vastly serene.

Luxury Resorts and Hotels in Bijrani Zone

Malani Forest Rest House is the quiet place. Stable with the strand of the core zone, this small and beautiful forest rest house is in with nature. Build in 1929, it reminds of old British architecture. It has two nice and simple rooms, fairly neat with a fireplace, a kitchen, and a dining hall. There is no restaurant or canteen facility. The guest needs to bring their own rations. Malani is not a perfect place.

Resorts and Hotels Malani: For the residency, the tourists who are visiting the Corbett for the day safari to Bijrani zone can stay at the hotels and fall back on located in the Dhikuli village, just outward the Bijrani zone, along with the boundary of the zone. From cost-effective hotels to pretty and luxurious recline are available here to stay according to your budget.

Hotels in Haluparo: Haluparo forest rest house is a hundred years old. This forest rest house situated between Palain River and Sonanda River. It comes under the Sonandi Wildlife Sanctuary and known for its quiet, peace-loving area. Halduparao Forest Rest House is a good place to watch wild elephants from close quarters during summer.

Rest House in Jhirna Zone

Forest Rest House in Jhirna: This rest house deceit just within the southern wages of the Park. The rest house gag on the road from Ramnagar to Kalagarh that runs in an east-west side through the Park. Jhirna was a farming village until 1994 when it was proudly transferred under Project Tiger. The derelict farmland is step by step drive back to a wild state and is being cosmos to develop pasture smell. The night tract consists of a great many drunkards and poky stay running through typically Shiwalik landscape. The hills to the north of Jhirna are included with a compact vamp of bamboo. Apart from being a good odor for tiger, leopard, and deer, the place army other nutty mammals like dullness bear and feral boar.

Rest Houses in Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Forest Rest House Lohachaur: This comfort house is vested in the northern part of Corbett Tiger army in the ready forward buffer area. It fits on the banks of the river division upstream of its junction with the Ramganga.

Resorts in Rathuadhab: Located in the northern buffer, Rathuadhab lies on the forest road connecting Durga Devi in the east and Vatanvasa towards the west. It is a favoured spot for elephants.

Rest House Halduparao: The rest house, which was built about a hundred years ago, is located between the Palain and Sonanadi rivers a short distance before they drain into the Ramganga reservoir. It lies under the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary and is known for its quiet, peaceful surroundings. Halduparao is a good place to watch wild elephants from close quarters during summer.

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