Indian Elephant


The Asian elephant is one of the giant mammals on Earth. The scope of the Asian elephant has two finger-like frameworks at its nozzle that makes free the animal to abide by both critical and strong move. Elephants have long, bold stripling random casing their body. Their skin is gray to dark brown. They have been very important to Asian civilization for thousands of years - they have been domesticated and are used for carriage and to move the bulky item.

Behavior of Elephant

Elephants remain in a matriarchal house team of affined females called cluster. They are led by the decrepit and often great woman in the flock. Herds texture of eight to 100 person. Males may be allied with a herd, lonely or may live pro tempore with other males. Elephants making a course of noise together with low-recap calls sublimated pitched calls and forceful bellow.

Elephant Food

The Asian elephant is pure vegetarian elephants eat grass, bark, roots, and leaves. They also love crop and banana surmount by farmers, structure them a plague in predial areas. Major elephants eat about 330 pounds of food a day. They requirement drink water every day and are never long-distance from a water stream.

Facts about Asian and African Elephants:

Asian elephants live in a limit of smell from grasslands to wet forests. Asian Elephants have a different herbivorous diet and feed on green fodder bamboo, leaves, crust, sprig, climber, and flat of the hand. They also select seasonal variation at items such as fig leaves and fruits, banana and mango. Indian Elephants are very affable animals and departure from a forest, at times tolerant in one for more than some days. However, some males in their grown-up take to lead a lonely life. When on the ploy, the direction of the female the herd, with the tuskers chill at the back of unless alarm to some oncoming hazard.

Threat for Elephants:

The elephant settlement is vulnerable to unblushing incomer, proper to their valuable ivory tusks. Elephant tusks can weigh up to 22 kg. Elephant’s food on barks, idiot, fruit, and green fodder. The elephant populace is not good to present, a segment of the Elephant plan, a public care offer to guard these cattle against dying. Corbett is the rose of location to watch the Indian Elephant in its natural, smell.

Wildlife Safari on Elephant in India

In India the elephant safaris can be use to enjoy watching wildlife. The Jim Corbett National, Bandhavgarh national park and the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, all offers excellent elephant safari options.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National garden was the before chase protects of the Maharaja of Rewa and it operating is a popular matter of course hub for White Tigers. White Tigers, presently a general magic near the world's zoos, first retraced in Rewa, not long-distance from here. The tracks are defective, with Rocky Mount border, running around east-west, throw about with grassy beard own and forested gulch. Bandhavgarh National garden is spread at Vindhya mount in Madhya Pradesh. Bandhavgarh National garden texture of a basic area of 105 square kilometers and a buffer area of almost 400 sq km of topography be at variance between vertical hill, think too much of, jungle and open grassland. Bandhavgarh National garden is Conversant for the Royal Bengal Tigers. The solidity of the Tiger populace at Bandhavgarh is the best known in India.