Best Places to Stay in Corbett National Park

The Corbett National Park is a primal jungle as Rudyard Kipling put it. Despite extensive tourism, the park has managed to retain its primeval ambience, where man must walk timorously, in awe and with a strong sense of his own insignificance.

The main feature of Corbett National Park is valley is the Ramganga River, running broadly west by south west, the catchments streams of which vivisect the land into numerous little ridges and ravines. The topography is therefore very varied-the streams forming islands of 'sheesham' trees, the ridges being thickly foliated with 'sal' trees and the pastures carrying long grasses. In this variety of habitat abounds wildlife of enchanting beauty including 50 mammals, 577 birds and at least 25 reptiles. The river teems with mahseer, gharial, mugger and flocks of cormorants. The national park offers invaluable experiences for adventurous and serious-minded wildlife-buffs, photographers and anglers.

Accommodation is not a problem in Corbett. There are many places to stay in Corbett National Park, which provide good services to their guests. As Corbett is quite popular destination during the tourist season, it is better to get reservation before reaching there.

In order to make the travel tour to Corbett even more joyful we are offer just the right kind of accommodation for you and your family or friends in Corbett. We are customize the tour package and offer the hotel accommodation. The reservations of the room can be made well in advance as per the requirements of the tour.

3 Star Hotels
  • Claridges Corbett Hideaway
  • Infinity Resort
2 Star Hotels
  • Corbett Riverside Resort
  • Corbett Ramganga Resort
Wildlife Resorts
  • Solluna Resort (Wildlife)
Other Hotels
  • Quality Inn Corbett Jungle Resort
  • Tiger Camp
  • Camp Forktail Creek