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5 Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Forest Rest House in Dhikala

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Posted on July 23, 2022

If you love wildlife and want to see the gravest wild animals in their natural surroundings, then you must prefer to reach Jim Corbett National Park. Located in the state of Uttarakhand, this national park is a part of Project Tiger. It shelters and provides the best natural facilities for the protection and growth of the gravest tiger, the Royal Bengal Tiger. The tiger reserve is spread across an area of 512 square kilometers and that is why the government of Uttarakhand and the Forest Department have divided the forest into multiple zones. Dhikala is the biggest one and it shelters a unique variety of animals.

If you are planning to enjoy your trip to Jim Corbett National Park, then you must prefer staying at the most decent forest rest house in Dhikala. As the name itself suggests, the Forest Department takes complete charge of the rest house and that is why the visitors get the best value for their money. Here are a few things that make the Forest Rest House in Dhikala the most popular destination for visitors:

The Facilities are managed by the Trusted Government Agency

As said earlier, the Forest Rest House is run, monitored, and managed by the officials of the Forest Department and that is why the visitors get the most authentic services. The officials at the Forest office at Jim Corbett take care of all the requirements of the visitors. Obviously, the involvement of all the necessary government machinery always promises superior facilities to every visitor.

Complete Security

The Dhikala Forest Rest House is built with superior plans and that is why they are perfectly safe from all the risks that the visitors to the forest often have. The rest house gets complete security facilities by government guards and that is why the visitors have more reasons to feel safe and secure while they stay in the Forest Rest House in Dhikala.

Top-Class Amenities

It is yet another important thing that makes the visitors feel good and comfortable. Usually, these rest houses have all the modern facilities that the visitors, especially the foreign visitors. The government agencies take care of all the basic and advanced requirements that people look for. It is a great thing that guarantees complete assurance to meet the quality parameters and expectations of the visitors.

Best Food and Boarding Facilities

It is yet another important thing that makes the Dhikala Forest Rest House more popular among the visitors to the Jim Corbett. The rest house its own team of chefs and other catering professionals who do a splendid job to deliver the best food to the visitors. They even claim to have the capability to deliver the best food even within one hour of getting the service request. Apart from food, the rest has all modern amenities that make the visitors happy, pleased, and satisfied.

The Cost is Affordable!

The cost of all customer service is a basic as well as an important factor that people always consider while they plan a trip to any place of tourist interest. If you compare the cost of services at Dhikala Forest Rest House with that of other hotels and resorts that are available in Jim Corbett National Park. The cost is determined right at the time of booking the package and that makes the deals clear and transparent. The cost is good and affordable, and that is why it is a basic characteristic that makes people feel comfortable.

When it comes to finalizing a trip package to Jim Corbett National Park, then you must be very careful while you plan to book the Dhikala Forest Rest House. You must reach the help desk of Corbett National Park!