7 Essential Things You Must Know about Dhikala Region

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Posted on August 18, 2022

Jim Corbett National Park has been one of India’s most popular tourist destinations. Located in the Nainital district in the state of Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett National Park is spread across an area of 520 square kilometers, which is rather big. To make tourism more well-organized, the Forest Department has divided the entire forest into several zones or regions. These regions are the Bijrani Zone, Jhirna Zone, Dhikala Zone, Dhela Zone, Durga Devi Zone, and Sitabani Zone.

To be very realistic, most of these zones are extremely good and they are perfectly capable of providing the best tourist facilities. However, the name Dhikala Zone demands a special reference. If you are planning a trip to Jim Corbett National Park, then you must ensure to spend some time in Dhikala Zone and you must have some clear reasons for the same as well. Here are a few things you must know about the best among all the prominent regions in Jim Corbett!

  1. Dhikala Region has been the biggest part of Jim Corbett National Park in terms of area and facilities. Most visitors who reach Jim Corbett National Park from all over prefer spending a certain part of their tour in this forest itself. It is located around 50 kilometers inside the forest and it is located on the bank of the Ramganga River.

  2. It has the richest quantity of both flora and fauna and that increases the significance of the Dhikala Zone. You may find a lovely deciduous forest that contains huge areas with Mango trees, Sal trees, Peepal trees, Haldu trees, and Rohini trees. As far as animals are concerned, you may find many gravest animals, including Royal Bengal Tigers. Sambhar Deer, Asiatic Elephants, Hog Deer, Leopards, Spotted Deer, Wild Boars, and Reptiles.

  3. This zone is blessed with unparalleled natural landscape beauty. You must be a close watcher of this beauty. If you have the eyes to behold the beauty of Nature, then you may get a treasure right in front of you. This beauty is endless and it gets better and better with the passage of every single moment!

  4. It is the only zone in the Jim Corbett National Park where visitors can avail of the facility Canter Safari. You cannot get the same jungle safari package in any other zone in Jim Corbett National Park. This jungle safari package is very good and appropriate for bigger groups. Usually, Canters allow 16 passengers at a time.

  5. Besides, Dhikala Zone also allows two other safari packages as well. Visitors can avail of Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari in this region as well. Make sure you book the right safari package well before you actually plan a trip. You can do it online or get the assistance of the experts at Corbett National Park!

  6. Dhikala Region has the most remarkable accommodation facilities for visitors. You can get a booking in top resorts, hotels, homestays, and also Forest Rest Houses. Here, it is good to mention that booking is handled by the Forest Department officials for the FRHs. You need to submit all the necessary KYC documents to obtain the booking.

  7. Dhikala zone is growing every moment as it is getting maximum revenue from the visitors and that is why the service providers are also working with more dedication to providing the guests with the best facilities.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to getting the best tourist facilities at Jim Corbett National Park, then you must prefer reaching Dhikala Zone. You must be very particular about spending a bigger part of the trip to this part of Corbett National Park!