Dhikala Corbett

All That You Need to Know about the Dhikala Area

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Posted on October 6, 2022

Located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, the Jim Corbett National Park is one of India’s most famous tourist destinations. The national park is most famous for its rich flora and fauna and for being India’s second largest tiger reserve. It is spread over an area of about 500 sq. km. The overall national park is full of marshy areas, grasslands, hills, river belts, etc. For maintaining an equal distribution of tourists and wild animals across the national park, it is being divided into some prominent zones, namely the Dhikala Zone, Bijrani Zone, Dhela Zone, Durgadevi Zone, Jhirna Zone, and Pakhro Zone. Jim Corbett National Park is not only known for its rich population of wildlife but also for its famous safari packages and night staying options.

While visiting Jim Corbett National Park, choosing the zone can be a tough choice. However, if you are looking forward to experiencing the best of the national park, be sure about choosing Dhikala Zone. Being the largest zone, it has a lot to offer to its tourists.

About The Dhikala Zone

Among all the other zones of Jim Corbett National Park, the Dhikala Zone stands out to be the most famous one among tourists for the day and night safari options. This zone is located on the outer edge of the Patli Dun valley and is home to numerous wild animals, like elephants, tigers, spotted deer, wild pigs, hog deer, etc.

The landscape of Dhikala Zone includes huge grasslands known as Chaurs, thick sal trees, and numerous channels of Ramganga, providing an enthralling view of nature. The panoramic sight of the vast valley with the Kanda ridge flowing in the background is truly a marvelous sight for nature lovers. The Dhikala Zone also offers staying options for its tourists at the Dhikala Forest Lodge so that they can experience the thrills of the wild.

Booking of the Dhikala Forest Lodge

Jim Corbett National Park is the only zone that offers night-staying options within the forest. The Dhikala Forest Lodge is very popular among tourists. It offers comfortable accommodation options along with spectacular landscapes of the flora and fauna. For staying at the forest lodge, the tourists need to obtain their permits from the Corbett National Park booking authorities.

For issuing the permits, you need to provide the required documents to the authorities. Indian tourists need to provide their KYC documents for verification while foreign tourists need to provide their passports for verification. Every tourist needs to provide the payment before obtaining the permits as the authorities strictly restricted the provision of the permits to anyone else. Also, the permits once issued, are non-refundable as well.

Famous Attractions of the Dhikala Zone

Jungle Safaris

Being the largest zone, it offers all the safari options to tourists. Jim Corbett National Park offers jeep safari, elephant safari, and canter safari to its tourists. The choice of safari you make is completely dependent on the number of members accompanying you. Nevertheless, no matter what kind of safari you choose, getting an advance booking for it is required.

Grasslands (Chaurs)

One of the major attractions of the Dhikala Zone is its vast grasslands which remain highly populated by Asiatic elephants, deers, hog deers, etc. The tourists can also spot a tiger chasing its prey across the grasslands sometimes.

Sambar Trail

The jungle track extends from the base of the Dhikala watchtower to the Khinnanauli rest house. This area is known to be the ideal spot for tiger sightings as it is located between the riverbed and the hills on either side.

Therefore, visiting the Dhikala Zone will not only be ideal but will also provide you with the best wildlife experiences. The forest officials of Corbett National Park can always provide you with the best travel packages and assist you with the overall booking procedure smoothly.