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Book Safari for the Best Days in Your Life in Dhikala

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Posted on January 2, 2022

Wildlife enthusiasts, especially tiger lovers, cannot miss Jim Corbett National Park, one of the best homes for tigers in the wild. Visits to Jim Corbett are best enjoyed if planned beforehand. Plan the trip and only then venture.

The trip from Delhi to Corbett will not be a difficult phase. But landing up at Corbett with nothing but enthusiasm will be foolhardy. Corbett veterans say the first step should be the Dhikala Forest Lodge booking. The booking has to be done 46 days in advance. A trip to Corbett without touching base with Dhikala is out of the question.

Foreigners have to book accommodation 91 days in advance. The 46 days are for domestic and SAARC guests. But once the booking is done and dusted with, leave it to the people at Dhikala to plan your visit for the perfect dream vacation. Your tour itinerary will be handed to you the minute you are at Dhikala for the stay and the Dhikala canter safari is not a problem.

Six Wings to Find a Room

The wildlife tour to Dhikala will keep you engaged. Dhikala is home to hundreds of animal and bird species. The numerous reptiles will take your breath away, literally! Jim Corbett is among the few forest reserves which permits night stay. The Dhikala Forest Lodge booking enables you access to all its six wings. From the Old Forest Rest House to the Dhikala Annexes and what is called the ‘Hutment’ which has six rooms.

Then, there are the cabins and the New Forest Rest House besides the Old Range Quarters. Taking up residence at any of these lodgings and then going for the best Dhikala canter safari near me will make your family’s day. And if you are lucky you could even look a tiger in the eye! But be safe. That is rule No.1.

Safe in the Middle of Wilderness

While in Corbett, lodging is also there at Bijrani, Gairal, Jhirna, and Kanda. There are forest rest houses at all these places. Accommodation for tourists and visitors has been increased in recent years by adding annexes and halls to the rest houses. The forest rest houses are enclosed in electric fencing powered by solar energy.

The fencing keeps tourists safe and dangerous wild animals outside, at bay. The Dhikala Forest Lodge booking is made with that assurance given. You get a pick-up from Ramnagar Railway Station in the morning and transfer to Dhikala through the Dhangari Gate. Once at the Dhikala Forest Lodge, after refreshments are served, begins the Games Drive.

Summing Up

The top Dhikala canter safari near me is a largely preferred option. The Games Drive is a three-hour affair and it takes you through the jungle the likes of which you must have never seen. If you are an amateur photographer, there will be plenty to shoot without taking a life! The whole day goes by in the lap of wilderness and the evening in the pleasant ambiance of Dhikala.

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