Enjoy Wonderful Holidays at Forest Rest House in Dhikala

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Posted on June 17, 2022

If you are trying to find the best place to reach for a delightful holiday, then you must always be very particular about reaching Jim Corbett National Park. Known for its natural beauty and wonderful weather conditions, the place attracts tourists from all over the world. As a part of the Tiger Project, Jim Corbett National Park is a reserve forest that provides shelter to the Royal Bengal Tiger. However, the forest has some other animals that look extremely gorgeous in their natural habitat.

While you plan a trip to the Jim Corbett National Park, then booking the place to live should be the first and foremost thing that you must consider at the very beginning. The forest is spread across an area of 512 square kilometers, the forest has been divided into many zones or regions. Dhikala Zone has been the biggest and the most popular among all others. The place has wonderful hotels and resorts, but the visitors love to stay in the Dhikala Forest Rest House. There are a few distinct reasons that make it the choicest destination for visitors from all over India and abroad.

Here are a few distinct things that you must know before you get your booking for this wonderful place:

The Dhikala Forest Rest House is run and managed by the Forest Department, the authority that manages all the matters related to tourism in Jim Corbett National Park. The Department makes no mistake to bring exciting facilities to all the visitors who reach there from all over India and abroad!

The Forest Rest House in Dhikala has been the safest place as it is well protected from all the dangers. The Department employs official guards that keep an eye on the entire security parameter from dawn to dusk. The visitors can enjoy every moment of their stay in the Dhikala Forest Rest House.

All the rooms in the Forest Rest House are tastefully decorated so that visitors from all over can enjoy the presence of the most wonderful things. all the rooms are facilitated with the modern amenities that make the stay extremely wonderful indeed. Every room is perfect for a delightful stay for everyone.

As far as the food and other amenities are concerned the Forest Rest House in Dhikala leads all other resorts and hotels across all the zones or regions in Jim Corbett National Park. The Forest Department has a team of highly dedicated working professionals who take care of all the requirements of the visitors. They have the ability to serve all food items that the visitors ask for.

The next and the biggest thing that every visitor thinks about is the cost and the booking procedure. You cannot be an exception. You can always prefer reaching the Forest Department online using its official website and completing all the necessary formalities to book the rooms in the FRH. The cost of staying in the Dhikala Forest Rest House is very competitive. However, the cost is very suitable for the wonderful facilities that you may look for.

You can even seek the help of the private agencies or companies that offer tour and travel services to Jim Corbett National Park. You can always think about reaching the help desk of Corbett National Park and seek the assistance of the experts. Reach them now and complete the formalities confidently.