Exciting Facts about Canter Safari in Dhikala

By Admin

Posted on June 13, 2022

Reaching Jim Corbett National Park has been a favorite recreational activity that numerous people undertake every year. Located in the most picturesque settings, the Jim Corbett Park has been a part of Project Tiger, a special initiative that protects and preserves the Royal Bengal Tigers and creates favorable conditions for them to multiply their number. The project has been very successful and that is why the number of the gravest wild animals has increased rather considerably.

While you reach the park on a vacation, you must think about enjoying every moment there! To make it happen you must prefer to spend some time on a jungle safari in the form of Dhikala Canter Safari. Though some other safari packages are also available, this is the most enjoyable one that you can avail of to carry back home some exciting memories:

  • The Canter Safari is available only in the Dhikala zone. It is the largest zone in the Jim Corbett National Park, which is spread over an area of over 512 square kilometers. It has a large number of attractive wild animals that people expect to see sitting safely inside the Canter.
  • The Canter is, usually, a 16-seater vehicle that is closed from all sides and provides the safest among all jungle safaris in the Jim Corbett.
  • The whole matter related to Dhikala Canter Safari is managed and looked after by the officials of the Forest Department. Usually, the booking is made online where the visitors need to furnish all the required documents. The officials at the Forest Department examine them thoroughly and then confirm the booking.
  • The forest department provides a canter, a skilled driver, and a couple of guides who operate the tour with ultimate safety. Usually, the drivers take the vehicle through those routes inside the Dhikala region where the chances of seeing the animals are high!
  • Since the Canter allows 16 people on one trip, therefore it is very good for the families and big groups that people often make while visiting places of tourist interest. This is one factor that makes these jungle safari trips very enjoyable indeed.
  • The Canter Safari is available all year round and that is why people can enjoy the trips through the densest part of the forest where the tourists can get a clear glimpse of the best wild animals in their natural habitat.
  • The Dhikala Canter Safari is available twice a day. The visitors can pick up the schedule either in the morning or in the evening. The morning safari begins at 6:00 am and ends at 11:30 am and the evening ride begins at 12:00 noon and ends at 5:30 pm. So, a large number of visitors can avail the trips and enjoy them completely. In their opinion, it is the best among all the safari packages available in Jim Corbett National Park!

So, you see this noticeable description about Dhikala Canter Safari makes it a very significant way to enjoy the excitement that every visitor feels, especially when they come across a decent Big Cat on their pathway!