Dhikala Corbett

Five Things to Know about Dhikala Jim Corbett

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Posted on June 25, 2022

If you love nature in its purest form, then you can enjoy every sight of it. You may reach a sea beach or a hill station or even a wildlife sanctuary. You can witness the beauty of Nature almost everywhere. However, lovers of wild animals may discover immense joy and pleasure when they reach a wildlife sanctuary. Without any doubt of any kind, the forests have treasure hidden there as they have numerous varieties of trees, plants, and above all, wild animals. These animals look good only in their natural surroundings.

Being a wildlife lover, you cannot hesitate or deny reaching Dhikala in Corbett National Park. You must have heard about Jim Corbett National Park before. As a part of Project Tiger, it is one of the biggest national parks in India that is a protected place for the Royal Bengal Tigers. It is spread over an area of 512 square kilometers. To ease the task of the visitors, the Park has been divided into many regions and the Dhikala zone is the biggest among all these regions.

Here are the Five Most Important Things You Must Know about Dhikala in Corbett National Park:


Located around 50 kilometers inside Jim Corbett National Park, the Dhikala region has been the most visited place in this area. It is the most popular among the visitors. The visitors believe that it is the densest part of the forest area, making it a paradise for fierce wild animals, like the Royal Bengal Tiger. It is also famous for spotted deer and barking deer.

Natural Beauty

Apart from being the densest part of the whole Jim Corbett National Park, Dhikala has been also famous for its landscape beauty. The enchanting view of the valleys and forest area can mesmerize you. The presence of the grassland also pleases the visitors a great deal.

Presence of Wild Animals

As said earlier, the Dhikala zone has been the most integral part of Jim Corbett National Park. It has the maximum number of attractive wild animals, including the Royal Bengal Tigers. However, you can also find the Asiatic elephants, wild boars, antelopes, barking deer, and many other animals in large numbers. The view of the herd of deer may make you feel delighted. You can get a superb look at the Dhikala region from the watch towers that the Forest Department has built at distinct locations.

Wonderful Accommodation

Being the most popular destination among the visitors from India and abroad, Dhikala in Corbett National Park has the leading resorts and hotels that provide the visitors with the best accommodation at a manageable cost. However, the presence of Forest Rest House is a great choice for visitors. Laden with all modern amenities and facilities, the Forest Rest House becomes the first choice among the visitors.

Jungle Safari

To meet the demand for the best jungle safari packages, Dhikala is the only zone in Jim Corbett National Park that brings all three jungle safari packages that are available here. The visitor can book and avail of the enjoyment with Canter Safari, Jeep Safari, and Elephant Safari. To be very realistic, Dhikala has been the only region in Jim Corbett National Park that offers the facility of Canter Safari to visitors.

So, you see that Dhikala in Corbett National Park promises to be the best place for you to reach if you really wish to enjoy the trip to the forest area at Corbett National Park. You just need to ensure that your search can always take you to the right agency that can bring you the best facilities that you can enjoy at a top resort in the Dhikala region.