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Going to Park at Corbett? Stay Forest Lodge at Dhikala!

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Posted on January 10, 2022

Which is the best place to stay in Jim Corbett? The Dhikala forest reserve, of course. And that at the Dikhala Forest Lodge, for which booking has to be done 46 days in advance if you are from any of the SAARC nations and 91 days in advance if you are a “foreigner” from the rest of the world.

Naturally, it is not easy to get rooms in Dhikala Forest lodge, but rest assured you will be making the trip to Corbett only if you have assured accommodation. The Dhikala forest reserve is the best place to stay once you have been given the Jim Corbett online permit.

Can you stay inside Jim Corbett? Yes, in fact, Corbett National Park is one of the few national parks in India which allows night stay inside the wild reserve.

Royal Honor Ambling Your Way!

You have to ask for night accommodation and for which you will be given a permit. The Jim Corbett online permits are available from November 15 to the end of June. You travel to Ramnagar and at the Ramnagar Railway Station apply for the permit.

Thereafter, you reach Dhikala via the Dhangadi Gate, which is about 19 km from Ramnagar. The Dhangari Gate is the point of entry for tourists who have bookings at any of the forest rest houses in the Dhikala Zone of Jim Corbett. Visitors looking forward to a canter safari also head for Dhikala and then to the best place to stay in Jim Corbett. The best months for visiting Corbett are December to March. The temperature during this period hovers around 5 °C, which is best for human visitors and animal residents.

If you are lucky, a Royal Bengal Tiger may honor you with a face-to-face approach. But don’t try any histrionics. The Dhikala Old Forest Rest House is inside the forest and the best place to stay in Jim Corbett. Ask any tiger!

One for Down the Memory Lane!

Booking procedures for safaris in the Corbett national park are that they have to be booked online or at the Corbett National Park office in Ramnagar on a first-come-first-served basis. Ditto for the Jim Corbett online permits for a particular day!

The booking for the jeep safari begins 90 days in advance as per the availability. Visitors cannot take their own vehicles inside the national park. Also, walking and trekking within the park limits are not permitted. Dedicated trails are earmarked for visitors to watch wildlife from the Corbett jeeps and canters.

Going off the driving track is strictly prohibited for safety reasons. The elephant safari is no longer there in Corbett. This was after the Uttarakhand High Court banned it. Elephants cannot be used for joyrides and jungle safaris, the court ruled. Also, only 100 Gypsy vehicle rides are allowed per day. That said, spotting lions in the wild is quite common at Corbett.

Summing up

Getting a glimpse of the Tiger is the ultimate Corbett gift! Book your way to the best place to stay in Jim Corbett! And take back memories of the wild which will whenever you want to warm your trip down your memory lane!

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