Corbett Jeep Safari Tour

Jeep Safari-The Best Way to Get a Close Look at Corbett Park!

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Posted on July 14, 2022

So, you are planning a trip to Jim Corbett National Park with your loved ones! Indeed, it is a great decision as the trip can make them extremely happy and satisfied as the sight inside the National Park is just fantastic. The Forest Department undertakes all the responsibilities to provide every visitor with the finest services that they look for. When it comes to enjoying a jungle safari, the Forest Department has three options to choose from, namely Elephant Safari, Canter Safari, and Jeep Safari. Though all these three are different from one another, the one in the form of Jim Corbett Jeep Safari is the most exciting one.

The Idea of Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett National Park:

Certainly, it is the best idea to get the booking of Jeep Safari as it is available mostly in all major regions of the huge forest area covered under this Project Tiger. Like any other safari package, the Forest Department does everything to ensure that the visitors get the right facilities that they look for or expect. The officials at the Forest Department follow the rules very strictly so that the visitors can get the best value for their money!

Here are a Few Things that Every Visitor or Party Must Know about Jim Corbett Jeep Safari:

  • The Jeep Safari at Jim Corbett is available twice daily, morning shift and evening shift. The visitors can pick up the right shift as per their choice. The morning shift remains open between 6:30 Am and 9:30 AM whereas the evening shift starts at 2:30 PM and remains open till 5:30 PM.
  • The visitors need to book their trip and safari package and collect the permit before their time for entry into the park. The booking can be done online and the permit should be collected from the site office.
  • The visitors are not allowed to take their own vehicles in the park. The Forest Department provides every visitor with a government vehicle, which is essentially a Gypsy. The Department provides a driver and a guide for the trip.
  • A jeep may allow 4 adults and 2 children at a time and that needs to be maintained very strictly.
  • The Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett National park can be availed in Bijrani, Garjiya, Jhirna, Dhela, Durgadevi, Phato, and Sitabani regions. As a visitor, you can pick up any location and book the Jeep safari package from there!
  • The tourists are required to take care of their luggage themselves. As per the standing guidelines from the Forest Department at Jim Corbett, the driver or the guide cannot take the responsibility of taking care of the luggage of the visitor.
  • The cost for Jeep Safari at Jim Corbett varies for Indian and foreign visitors. The charge for the Indian visitors is INR 5000 per jeep and the same for the foreign visitors is INR 12,000 per jeep.

While getting the booking for Jim Corbett Jeep Safari booking, the visitors need to submit all their original documents that the officials at the Forest Department check and then decide whether the application is accepted or rejected. The officials are free to make the right decision depending upon the document they submit. The officials suggest the visitors read all the documents and agree to the terms and conditions before submitting the application.