Corbett Jeep Safari

Safari on Jeep: Four-wheeled scouting of Corbett!

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Posted on November 3, 2022

Nature enthusiasts’ favorite hobby is usually taking a jeep out to explore Cobbett’s beauty. A jeep safari in Corbett must be reserved in advance in order to exclude any risk of unavailability. It’s especially important to reserve a Jim Corbett jeep safari in advance if you’re planning a long trip here.

Jeep safari is the favored method of jungle adventure for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at some reasons that convince wildlife enthusiasts that a jeep safari is worthwhile.

  • The most secure way to explore the jungle is by Jeep Safari. You will feel safer from wild animal attacks thanks to its speed.
  • You’ll also need a comfortable vehicle for transportation when exploring the woods. Jeep Safari offers breathtaking views of woodlands while providing a very comfortable ride.
  • While taking in the views, you get to unwind on a comfortable seat that provides you with a special sense of luxury amidst nature’s wealth.
  • Most tourists face time restrictions while on their vacation. Time commitment thus becomes a key consideration when picking a safari. Jeep safaris are time-saving excursions because you can see the majority of a park in fewer times thanks to their speed.
  • Jim Corbett jeep safari gives you more freedom when creating an itinerary. Depending on how convenient it is for you. The habits and demands of the animals must also be taken into account when going on a wildlife safari.
  • Compared to other jungle safari options, jeep safari can explore most park terrain.
  • Up to six persons can ride in a jeep safari at once.

Online Jeep Safari Booking Process:

If a Corbett wildlife safari is on your bucket list, we advise travelers to reserve their trip in advance. Indian nationals must notify us 30 days in advance of their actual visit, while international nationals may do so 90 days in advance. Even though all the safari zones have a healthy population of animal species and sightings are often consistent, doing this will allow you to reach your selected safari zones with ease.

When Is The Best Time To Go Jeep Riding In Corbett National Park?

The fact that Jim Corbett Park is open every day of the year is a huge benefit to visitors. But mid-November to the end of June is the best time to do a jeep safari. Since most of the roads are washed away by rain during the monsoon season in Uttarakhand, India, Bijrani and Dhikala zone is closed. Travelers who have been to the Corbett Tiger Reserve frequently enjoy going on Jeep safaris into the untamed jungle. You must, however, acquire the right authorization from the forest department to take this thrilling journey. The main draw of the CTR is the jeep safari. You may see the magnificent tigers resting in their natural habitat while riding in an open jeep. The best wildlife team specializes in creating itineraries based on the level of activity and animal interest of our visitors.