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Things You Must Know about Corbett Jeep Safari

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Posted on September 22, 2022

Of all the famous activities tourists like to indulge in at Jim Corbett National Park, Jim Corbett Jeep Safari is the most claimed. Safaris at Jim Corbett are the most demanding and adventurous activity and the officials of Corbett National Park aim at assisting their clients with the overall booking procedure. Jeep safari is considered to be the ideal way to explore the jungle and wildlife of the national park. Safari in an open jeep within the dense forests will allow you to catch the glimpse of the different types of wild animals residing in the forests.

The fame of the jeep safari is due to the fact that it gives the visitors a chance to live in the wild and spot animals like the famous Royal Bengal Tiger, Sambhar Deer, Tuskers, Wild Boars, Spotted and barking deers, Slotted Bears, as well as various types of reptiles and birds. When you wake up in the morning in the forest rest house, you might get an opportunity to spot an animal just outside your window. All the booking procedures for safari are managed and maintained by the forest officials by following the guidelines.

How to Book the Corbett Jeep Safari?

For booking your adventurous jeep safari to the Jim Corbett National Park, you should reach the tour officials at Corbett National Park. The executives will provide you with immediate details about the booking procedure. The team will provide you with the details of the availability of safari according to the date of your arrival and departure. Reaching such experts will always ensure that you book your trip without any hassle or difficulty.

In order to book the Jim Corbett Jeep Safari, every visitor needs to provide their details along with the information of every other member traveling along with them. Details like name, age, gender, photo ID proof, etc. are required for booking your safari. After receiving all the details of the travelers, the safari charges are accepted and their jeep is reserved for their preferred day. Later, all the details of the jeep, the driver, and the tour guide are also provided to the client so that they can know about their ride in detail.

Which is the Best Zone for Jeep Safari?

Before you decide to visit Jim Corbett National Park, knowing about the different safari zones is very important. The jeep safari at Jim Corbett is offered in 7 different zones, namely Dhikala Zone, Jhirna Zone, Bijrani Zone, Durga Devi Zone, Dhela Zone, Sitabani Zone, and Phato Zone. Among these zones, the Dhikala is extremely famous among tourists as it is known to be the largest zone of the national park. The population of wild animals is also considerably more in the Dhikala zone, therefore, tourists mostly tend to choose this zone for jeep safari. However, the Dhikala zone doesn’t allow its day visitors to experience the jeep safari.

You also must know that every safari zone doesn’t offer a jeep safari. Therefore, before choosing your preferred zone, you must always consult with your tour operator so that you can make your decision perfectly. Unlike all other zones, the Sitabani and Phato zone doesn’t accept online reservations, and one needs to make bookings for these zones offline and collect the entry permits from their respective entry gates.

Charges of Jeep Safari:

  • For Indian visitors, a jeep safari allows 6 adults and 2 children (below the age of 11 years) and charges 5200 per safari.
  • For foreign visitors, a jeep safari allows 6 adults and 2 children (below the age of 11 years) and charges 9500 per safari.

Other than Jim Corbett Jeep Safari, elephant safari and canter safari is also offered at the Jim Corbett National Park. However, the jeep safari is considered to be safer and more enjoyable. In case you are interested in booking any other kind of safari, you can always consult with the finest forest officials at Corbett National Park.