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Posted on January 14, 2022

Union Minister of State for Environment, Forest, and Climate Change Ashwini Kumar Choubey has proposed to change the name of Jim Corbett National Park to Ramganga National Park. Many tiger enthusiasts will like this. Maybe the tigers, too, will if they could talk. The Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India. Also the most celebrated. And Jim Corbett is the name of a legend.

To the Jim Corbett fan, the everlasting slogan is ‘Long Live Jim Corbett’. For him, Corbett’s name will live on no matter how many times the name is changed. For those who have enjoyed the Jim Corbett national park jeep safari, the forests of Uttarakhand reverberate with the name of Jim Corbett. For him, the legacy of Jim Corbett will live on.

The Name-change

Guesthouses, hair salons, general stores, and gift shops—all of them carry the name of Jim Corbett, the hunter-naturalist whose legacy is the national park. The name has however seen several changes. One time it was called the Hailey National Park after a governor of the British Raj. Then, it was renamed Ramganga National Park after the river that flows through it and where the Jim Corbett national park jeep safari is an experience everybody would cherish.

After Independence, it was renamed Jim Corbett National Park. Now, again, another name-change is on the cards —back to Ramganga, the river which flows through the park. Freedom fighter Govind Ballabh Pant wouldn’t like it if he were alive. It was Pant—the first Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh—who named it Jim Corbett National Park. GB Pant wanted to honor Jim Corbett for his conservation efforts.

The Only ‘Indian-Englishman’

Jim Corbett’s name was the first time in India that an ‘Indian name’ was changed to that of an Englishman’s. But then, to this day Jim Corbett is considered by his millions of fans as an “Indian” in every sense of the address. The Jim Corbett National Park is in the Himalayan foothills and is situated close to Nainital. The 520 sq km spread is part of the over 1,288 sq km Corbett Tiger Reserve, which includes the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary. The Jim Corbett national park jeep safari is the best known among such safaris. Project Tiger was launched from this tiger reserve, which has one of the highest tiger densities in the country.

Summing Up

Jim Corbett was born in Nainital in the year 1875. He lived in India till Independence. Thereafter he lived in Kenya till his death in 1955. The Ramganga National Park was renamed Jim Corbett National Park in 1956.

During his stay in India, Corbett hunted and killed many man-eating tigers and leopards. But it was as a storyteller and conservationist that he is more known. He mainly roamed the hills and forests of Garhwal and Kumaon in Uttarakhand. His father was a postmaster. If and when the Modi Government returns to naming Jim Corbett National Park to Ramganga National Park—a complete full circle!

Is it Karma? Maybe yes! Maybe not! Just remember not to miss the Jim Corbett national park jeep safari when in the neighborhood.

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