What Makes Dhikala the Most Interesting Region in Whole Corbett Park?

By Admin

Posted on October 30, 2022

Jim Corbett National Park has been a prominent place of tourist interest and it is popular all over India and abroad for its wonderful landscape beauty and amazing flora and fauna. As a part of the Tiger Project, Jim Corbett National Park preserves the gravest Big Cat, the Royal Bengal Tiger. Naturally, animal lovers keep pouring in here from all over India and abroad as they cannot ignore or overlook the attraction of watching the wonderful animals from a closer distance.

Spread across an area of more than 520 square kilometers, the Forest area is divided into several zones or regions. Among all these zones, the Dhikala Zone is the biggest and also the most popular among visitors. To be more specific, the Dhikala Zone is also the richest area in terms of the availability of flora and fauna and also tourist facilities. Here are a few things that contribute to making Dhikala the most integral part of Jim Corbett National Park!

World-class Accommodation:

Dhikala Zone has top-class resorts, hotels, homestays, and above all, the Forest Rest Houses (FRHs). Most of these places guarantee the best accommodation. Most of them have well-equipped suites or rooms that meet the expectations of all the visitors. Visitors can get all types of facilities and services depending on their budget. Dhikala Zone has all the leading 3, 4, or 5-star hotels and resorts that are always ready to welcome guests from all over.

Superior Local Tour Facilities:

Jim Corbett National Park has a number of other places of tourist interestthat people love reaching to complete their journey to that place. The visitors can avail of the side-seeing facilities that are available with the tour and travel agencies available here. These agencies come up with local tour packages as per your needs, preferences, and budget.

Flora and Fauna:

Being the biggest among all the forest zones, Dhikala Zone has a wide array of trees and other plantations that attract the attention of visitors. Right from the Royal Bengal Tiger to a number of other animals, like the Asiatic elephants, Jackals, Black bears, Porcupines, Barking Deer, and many more animals visible here. As far as the flora is concerned, people get fascinating sights of Sal forests, bamboo plantations, grassland, and marshes all over the Dhikala Zone. All these things make this zone the most attractive zone in Corbett National Park!

Availability of All Jungle Safaris:

Dhikala is the only zone in the whole Jim Corbett National Park where you can enjoy all three jungle safari packages. It is the only zone where you can avail of the facilities of canter Safari. Usually, tourists enjoy more than one safari package to make their enjoyment complete. The elephant safari is not applicable for online booking as it depends on the availability of the elephants. The visitors can avail of the online booking facilities for both the remaining safari packages, namely Canter Safari and Jeep safari!

Affordable Cost!

As far as the charges for the entire tourist facilities are concerned, things depend on your fascination and choice of services. However, the facilities, in general, are good and affordable for everyone. As far as the charges for safari packages are concerned, the Forest Department decides them and therefore, the rates are applicable to all visitors!

So, you must accept that your reach to Jim Corbett National Park in the Nainital District of the state of Uttarakhand can be incomplete if you are not reaching Dhikala Zone. Before you plan for the next visit to Jim Corbett National Park, you must plan to stay at Dhikala Zone. You may be sure to carry some unforgettable memories that you will cherish all your life!